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    New shit come to light...from marketing, tech, PLOP culture & life sprinkled with Lebowski dust straight out a Folger's tin.... from some poncy dude with a finger on his chin.

    The Creative Process

    Great little video on Ira Glass's perspective on the relationship between connections & creativity.

    Via Conversation Agent

    Troof in advertising

    An ode to pop music...

    Space the (not so) final frontier

    Ikea says: hey Apple! How you like THESE Apples?

    Ikea parodies Apples product videos.  Kills it. 

    Guinness: Made of Black

    Guinness is Made of More.  But in Africa, it's Made of Black.  And it's pretty damn awesome. Set to Kanye's Black Skinhead, nice work by my old friends at AMV/BBDO.

    Burger King Proud Whopper

    Oh Burger King, I'll have it your way.